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The postgraduate course International Research Journalism is unique in Flanders and The Netherlands. The students are familiarised with techniques that regular journalists have never heard from. The goal is to learn how to make news.

Research journalists have to be prepared to investigate a single subject for a long time, to work their way through less fascinating matters and to make use of archives and FOI legislation. They also have to have an exceptional willingness to find out things that at first sight seem like they can’t be found or don’t exist.

The course gives insight into how to successfully set up a journalistic research project and helps to reach a well argumented, credible journalistic result. It consists of three modules:

  • Research Journalism
  • International Reporting
  • Portfolio

The course covers about 140 hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Guest lecturers are Dutch and Flemish media figures and professional journalists with proven research or international experience. Some names: Rudi Vranckx (VRT), Gie Goris (MO*), Peter Verlinden (VRT), Marleen Teugels (Knack), Lisa De Bode, Luuk Sengers, Jens Franssen (VRT), Joanie de Rijke…

For more information, contact kristof (dot) polfliet (at) journalimsmfund (dot) eu.

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